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The Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education/ Revue canadienne des jeunes chercheures et chercheurs en éducation (CJNSE/RCJCÉ) is an open access, non-blind, peer-reviewed journal published by graduate students for the dissemination of works by graduate students at Canadian universities. We are bilingual in keeping with Canada’s two official languages, and we honour multiple cultures. We believe in providing a space for students’ voices through scholarly writing and networking.

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Seeking Volunteer Policy Analyst and Writer | À la recherche d'un analyste des politiques et d'un rédacteur bénévole

The Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education/Revue Canadienne des jeunes chercheur(e)s en éducation (CJNSE/RCJCÉ) is requesting candidates interested in applying for the roles of volunteer Policy Analyst and Writer; one for CJNSE (English) and one for RCJCÉ (French).
La Revue Canadienne des Jeunes Chercheurs en Éducation (CJNSE / RCJCÉ) invite les candidats intéressés à poser leur candidature aux postes d'analyste et d'auteur de politiques bénévole; un pour CJNSE (anglais) et un pour RCJCÉ (français).
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Call for Papers: Spring 2018

The myriad of kyriarchal issues—that is, multiple intertwined systems of oppression—current in our political and community discourses have existed in both Canada and the United States prior to the recent US presidential election. It appears that the sociopolitical ideologies, and the groups that support and promote them, have become publicly emboldened as a result of the actions of conservative politicians worldwide. This is clearly evident in the purposeful and violent actions of neo-Nazi protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia, but the same vitriol towards minorities has publicly and openly occurred in Canada recently as well. Proud Boys serving in the Canadian military who disrupted a Mi’kmaq ceremony in Halifax faced no repercussions, and the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, as well as and the Soldiers of Odin (among others), have organized anti-immigrant protests throughout the country. But now is not the time to despair: now is the time to fight back, to resist.  
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Call for Papers for Spring 2017

Given the recent US election results normalizing white supremacy and fear of the non-white other, and the implications that these results have for citizens in the US and abroad, The Canadian Journal of New Scholars in Education is putting out a Call for Papers for its Spring 2017 publication, 'On the Importance of Intersectionality: Decolonization, Inclusion, and Diversity-Focused Pedagogies'.  
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Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Joelle Nagle
La révision par les pairs pour développer les compétences des étudiants chercheurs
Andréanne Gagné, Charlaine St-Jean

Research Study/Recherche

Roxane Drainville, Thomas Rajotte
Séverine Parent
Alain Lortet
Michelle Deschenes

Position Paper/Essai

Lyle Donald Hamm
Maggie McDonnell
Jessica Bernier, Monica Boudreau, Julie Mélançon