Academic Integrity and Mental Well-being: Exploring an Unexplored Relationship


  • Helen Pethrick University of Calgary
  • Sarah Elaine Eaton University of Calgary
  • Kristal Louise Turner University of Calgary



academic integrity, Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity, higher education, student well-being


The rapid and accelerated shift to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened parallel conversations about student well-being and academic integrity in higher education. On one hand, post-secondary students have been under increased pressure to succeed in stressful learning and societal environments. On the other hand, reports of student academic misconduct have increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. There is an urgent need to consider the intersecting relationship between mental well-being and academic integrity to foster supportive, learner-focused, and caring higher education environments. In this session, we will open a conversation about this widely unexplored relationship. We will present the findings of a rapid review wherein we investigated how the academic integrity literature had taken up mental well-being. We will address ways that student well-being should be considering in academic integrity research and practice, such as the need to care for student well-being during academic misconduct incidents. Participants will leave this session with lessons that will be applicable during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.





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Pethrick, H., Eaton, S. E., & Turner, K. L. (2021). Academic Integrity and Mental Well-being: Exploring an Unexplored Relationship. Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity, 4(2), 53.



Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity

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