Interprofessional culinary education workshops at the University of Saskatchewan


  • Jessica Lieffers University of Saskatchewan
  • Erin Wolfson University of Saskatchewan
  • Gabilan Sivapatham University of Saskatchewan
  • Astrid Lang University of Saskatchewan
  • Alexa McEwen University of Saskatchewan
  • Marcel D'Eon Augusta University
  • Carol Henry University of Saskatchewan



Implication Statement

If you want to offer your students an enjoyable and worthwhile interprofessional activity to learn about issues in community nutrition, your university can cook up these interprofessional culinary education workshops. Start with a few enthusiastic students from various health professional programs who can organize, promote, and lead. Include faculty and/or staff to support the students and apply for internal funding. Find workshop facilitators (e.g., chefs), and arrange for program evaluation. It is best to choose workshop topics and themes relevant to your local situation. Ensure workshops are structured to facilitate cooperative and experiential learning. Students will find these sessions informative, practical, and enjoyable.


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Lieffers J, Wolfson E, Sivapatham G, Lang A, McEwen A, D’Eon M, Henry C. Interprofessional culinary education workshops at the University of Saskatchewan. Can. Med. Ed. J [Internet]. 2021 Jun. 30 [cited 2024 Jun. 17];12(3):159-62. Available from:



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