Creating a Collaborative Network to Promote Cultures of Academic Integrity in Manitoba’s Post-Secondary Institutions


  • Brenda M Stoesz The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Manitoba
  • Josh Seeland Assiniboine Community College
  • Paul MacLeod Assiniboine Community College
  • Lisa Vogt Red River College
  • Laszlo Markovics Boothe University College
  • Tod Denham Thompson Rivers University
  • Loie Gervais University of Manitoba
  • Brandy Usick University of Manitoba



academic integrity, academic misconduct, Canada, higher education, network, organization


In this article, we, as representatives from several post-secondary institutions across Manitoba and British Columbia, describe how sharing knowledge and experiences across institutions has informed and enhanced academic integrity initiatives at our respective institutions. We outline how participation in provincial, national, and international teaching and learning events as a collective has informed our work in academic integrity and led to the emergence of the Manitoba Academic Integrity Network (MAIN) in May 2019. We discuss the benefits of collaborating within a provincial network and next steps for expanding the reach of the network across institutions by engaging faculty, staff, and students.


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Stoesz, B. M., Seeland, J., MacLeod, P. ., Vogt, L., Markovics, L., Denham, T., Gervais, L., & Usick, B. (2020). Creating a Collaborative Network to Promote Cultures of Academic Integrity in Manitoba’s Post-Secondary Institutions. Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity, 3(1), 39–48.



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