Promoting Academic Integrity in Virtual Classrooms: A Gamified Approach


  • Cedar Leithead Seneca College
  • Amy Lin Seneca College
  • Naomi Go
  • Kasha Visutskie Toronto Metropolitan University
  • John Paul Foxe Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Allyson Miller Toronto Metropolitan University



academic integrity education, gamified resource, online learning, remote teaching, canada, Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity


The sudden pivot to remote teaching in March 2020 highlighted new and emerging threats to academic integrity. While much of the world has returned to in-person delivery, in the classroom, remote teaching, and these associated threats to academic integrity, are here to stay. With the assistance of a Virtual Learning Strategy grant from eCampus Ontario, Seneca College and Toronto Metropolitan University have developed new gamified academic integrity modules for students designed to promote academic integrity in a virtual environment. The modules have been designed such that they apply to both college and university students and the code for the game is freely available under a Creative Commons License. In this presentation presenters will speak to how these modules were created as well provide a demonstration for all participants. By the end of this presentation attendees will be able to apply and adapt this resource to their own institution.

Author Biographies

Cedar Leithead, Seneca College

Cedar Leithead is an instructional designer with 8 years of experience, specializing in creative online learning and simulation pedagogy.

Amy Lin, Seneca College

Amy Lin is the Director of Teaching and Learning Centre at Seneca College. In this role, Amy works with the Seneca community to support leadership and excellence in teaching and learning. She has served on Academic College Council, Educational Technology Advisory Committee, and chaired the Academic Integrity Committee, Micro-credentials, and Extended Reality Working Groups. Amy is often asked to speak on teaching and learning and is an author on many educational resources. Amy has worked as a teacher in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels, a curriculum consultant, a ministry of education researcher and provincial lead, and an administrator.    

Naomi Go

Naomi Go is a project manager with the Teaching & Learning Centre at Seneca College, located in Toronto, Ontario. In her role, she supports faculty with course development, project management, and instructional design. She also helps to support pedagogical initiatives at the college. She has previously worked in educational publishing as a content manager and in trade publishing in various roles.

Kasha Visutskie, Toronto Metropolitan University

Kasha Visutskie has an MA in History from the University of Toronto and has been an Academic Integrity Specialist for 13 years. Her current work at the Academic Integrity Office at Toronto Metropolitan University supports the administration of Senate Policy 60 (Academic Integrity). Since joining the office in December 2021, her focus has been the development of unique educational outreach opportunities, resources, and programs for both students and faculty. Interests in the field include: ethical decision-making & psychological/social influence; failure & learning; responsibility & accountability; administrative justice; effective faculty-to-student communication in stressful conversations.

John Paul Foxe, Toronto Metropolitan University

John Paul Foxe is the Director of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Academic Integrity Office. Prior to this, he was the Manager of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Learning & Teaching Office, where he managed the development and delivery of professional development in teaching programs. John Paul completed his undergraduate degree in genetics at Trinity College Dublin and holds an MSc in Molecular Evolution and a PhD in population genetics, both from York University. Most recently, he completed an MA in Public Policy at Toronto Metropolitan. John Paul’s interests include contract cheating prevention and awareness as well as the gamification of academic integrity education.

Allyson Miller, Toronto Metropolitan University

Allyson Miller is an Academic Integrity Specialist at Ryerson University. She holds a BA and MA in English Literature and has been working in the postsecondary environment supporting student writing for over 12 years. Although academic integrity has been an integral part of her work throughout her career, it was not until recently when she turned her full attention to this important topic. Her current research interests focus on detection of academic misconduct.




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Leithead, C., Lin, A., Go, N., Visutskie, K., Foxe, J. P., & Miller, A. (2023). Promoting Academic Integrity in Virtual Classrooms: A Gamified Approach. Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity, 6(1).



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