Call for Papers


The CMEJ ( is inviting papers for an upcoming peer reviewed special issue on the change process in health professions education. We invite papers of a variety of formats and lengths that engage with questions and perspectives related to change management in health professions education. We are interested in papers that highlight challenges, insights, and policy suggestions around a variety of innovations and transformations. We are happy to work with junior authors, especially students and residents. We hope to publish this special issue in early 2022.

The CMEJ is bringing together scholarship from diverse sources to advance the study and practice of change processes in health professions education.

Diverse interdisciplinary and methodological approaches applying quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods welcome:

  • Theory informed / theory building
  • Empirical
  • Naturalistic
  • Conceptual / philosophical
  • Action research / program evaluation
  • Historical
  • Commentary / informed opinion

Please submit your manuscript for review by November 30, 2021 or sooner if possible: We will consider all submissions in the order in which they arrive (even those submitted after the deadline).

Please note that we are not limited to a fixed number of articles (or pages) for publication: we will consider all high-quality submissions. There are no guarantees that any particular submissions will be eventually accepted; papers submitted late risk missing the opportunity to be considered for the special issue and if accepted may be published in a separate, subsequent, and regular issue.

To facilitate the peer review process, we expect authors to review at least one other submission. Trainees and junior faculty may review under supervision of a mentor. We will begin the peer review process for a submission once those authors have enrolled as reviewers and created a profile that contains keywords related to the special issue. Authors who are not registered as reviewers may do so by logging into the CMEJ site or first setting up an account.

Authors may contact our editorial staff at or for general direction and support, or for guidance on the length or format of proposed papers. We are happy to discuss the suitability of proposed submissions for this special issue.

Remember to submit your manuscript by November 30, 2021.

This is a companion event to the conference by the same name hosted by the Medical College of Georgia on October 19, 20, 21 2021. For more information about the conference contact Ms. Joslyn Richards (

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