Assignment Individualization


  • KC Bateman Assiniboine Community College



Canada, Collaboration, Assignment Individualization, Deterring Misconduct, Academic Integrity, Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity


In a rapidly evolving world of technology, it has become easier than ever for students to find the answers to or even have their assignments completed online. Critical thinking and aspects of information literacy have sometimes been replaced by a quick Google search or use of rephrasing software. One-way educators try to counteract this from an academic integrity standpoint is to educate students about academic misconduct. But can we take it a step further? The Assiniboine Community College [ACC] Library has committed to working with colleagues to offer assignment individualization. Rather than simply pointing instructors to the literature which recommends this strategy, Library staff collaborate with instructors and the broader Learning Commons to provide this collaborative service. With each student completing a customized assignment, several forms of academic misconduct are prevented and transversal skills such as critical thinking and information literacy are built in while approaching academic integrity in a holistic way which is anchored in teaching and learning. Having successfully completed assignment individualizations for multiple instructors and programs, ACC’s Library Technician Academic Integrity/Copyright Officer will share successes, challenges, and recommendations for attendees looking to offer this service.




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