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The Motley Undergraduate Journal operates out of The University of Calgary and aims to feature student work that displays excellence in research, analysis or creative production concerning the topic of Communication, Media or Film Studies from any post secondary institution in Canada. We welcome work from other departments as long as it maintains a communication, media, and film studies focus. The Motley Undergraduate Journal is devoted to reflecting the diversity of communication and multimedia studies and will represent a breadth of student work on various topics. We are looking for clarity, effective writing, strong theoretical foundations, original research, and insightful analysis. The Motley Undergraduate Journal is produced in partnership between undergraduate students and the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary. 

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): The Motley Undergraduate Journal
The cover of The Motley Undergraduate Journal, text reads 2023, Volume 1, Issue 1, ISSN 2817-2051, University of Calgary Department of Communication Media, and Films Studies

The Motley has arrived! Let us welcome it as a peer, a friend, a colleague and a liberator! Why liberator? Because it comes to liberate the best academic work that our undergraduate students do from the obscurity of professors’ drawers and hard drives, and from the secretive passwords of university servers. This issue of The Motley showcases the gems of original analysis and creativity that UCalgary undergraduates produce.

The Motley is marching into the limelight today in shining colour thanks to the tireless work that numerous champions and supporters performed on the backstage for months. Starting a project like this from scratch takes faith, dedication and perseverance. Now, it is your turn, the Motley’s first readers. The Motley team expects you to do your job diligently and devotedly. Read, view, discuss, criticize! Then come and join us as authors, reviewers and editors - a motley of powers, all in your hands!  

Published: 2023-02-03
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