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Emerging Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Graduate Research in Education and Psychology is peer-reviewed, open access journal for graduate students in education and educational psychology (e.g., school psychology, counselling psychology), developed by graduate students at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. Emerging Perspectives profiles original research, authentic ideas, and innovative practice from graduate students in both research and professional arenas. Each issue offers a platform for critical discussion, creative dialogue, and knowledge exchange that is of interest to community practitioners, educators, and researchers in education and health-related settings. 

Emerging Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Graduate Research in Education and Psychology is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing graduate research that brings together the fields of educational research and psychology.

We accept reviewer applications on an ongoing basis.

Peer-Reviewing Process

  • Emerging Perspectives utilizes a “double-blind” review process, which means:
    • Authors/co-authors will remain anonymous to reviewers; and
    • Reviewers will remain anonymous to authors/co-authors.

All submissions undergo a preliminary screening process, conducted by the editorial board to ensure that contributions meet the initial criteria, such as length, consistency with journal theme, overall writing style, and adherence to APA publication style. Submissions that do not fulfill these criteria are likely to be rejected without review. Contributions meeting this initial criteria will be passed on to two or more respective reviewers. Authors can expect a decision within eight weeks of receipt. If a revision is warranted, the corresponding author or co-authors should aim to submit the revised manuscript within two months after receiving the revisions. If revisions are submitted beyond this timeframe, they may be treated as new submissions and sent to new reviewers for assessment. Once reviewers have received revised manuscripts, a provisional decision is made on the submission. This decision is put forward to the editorial board and a final decision is made. There is no charge associated with publication.

Roles and Responsibilities of Reviewers

  • Reviewers are expected to complete the training modules of “Becoming a Reviewer”, hosted and facilitated by PKP School. The modules are available at
  • The position is contracted for one year. After the completion of first year and based on their performance as a reviewer, reviewers will be invited to renew their contract and affiliation with the Journal.
  • Reviewers will be asked to review at least four submissions per year. Considering that Emerging Perspectives publishes on an ongoing basis, submission volume varies.
  • Reviewers will have 4 weeks to review one submission. This timeline will be extended if the reviewer is reviewing more than one submissions at a time. Please note that each submission will not be longer than 25 pages, double-spaced.
  • Reviewers will be asked to follow and utilize a rubric, developed by Emerging Perspectives to evaluate submissions.

Check out our video on why you should become a reviewer! This presentation was created for the GPE Mentorship group, and is now available for everyone!


To become a reviewer complete the application form here: reviewer application form