Linking Reading Comprehension and Executive Function: A Pathway to Improved Instruction


  • Andria Lee Slipp University of Calgary


Executive Function, ADHD, Specific Learning Disorder, Reading


Students with comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and specific learning disorder in reading (SLD-R) require reading comprehension instruction that is mindful of executive function deficit. Grounded in the notion that remediation is most successful when it is based on an understanding of the possible sources of failure, this literature review examines the interplay between executive function and reading comprehension and explores how reading comprehension instruction might integrate executive function support for students with ADHD and SLD-R. This proposed instructional framework integrates verbal and visual working memory, planning and goal setting, monitoring and inference making into the reading comprehension process. A lack of consensus with regards to how executive functions are identified, defined, and measured indicates avenues for future research. These findings are hoped to provide insight to teachers, administrators, curriculum developers, and those who plan and provide professional development within the field of education.




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