Navigating the pandemic with faculty development: unification while working remotely




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Author Biographies

Cindy Schmidt, Kansas City University

Cindy Schmidt, Ph.D. directs faculty development and is an Assistant Professor of Specialty Medicine at Kansas City University. Research areas include medical education and integrating spirituality in the teaching and practice of medicine.


Mark Pence, Kansas City University

Mark Pence, DO, FACP is a board-certified internist, who is currently serving as an Assistant Professor in Primary Care at Kansas City University of Medicine. Dr. Pence’s interests include hospital-based medicine, social determinants of health, medical education and faculty development.

Robert Tyler, Kansas City University

Robert Tyler, DO, MMEL, FACP has a primary role as clinical faculty at Kansas City University of Medicine focusing on pre-clinical and clinical education. Dr. Tyler has extensive involvement in medical education to include curriculum design, assessment, evaluation, and faculty development. 

Schoen Kruse, Kansas City University

Schoen W. Kruse, Ph.D. is a 2004 graduate of the University of Colorado.  In his current role of Associate Dean of Curriculum and Integrated Learning at Kansas City University of Medicine, Dr. Kruse oversees curriculum, assessment, and outcomes at both Kansas City and Joplin campuses.




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Schmidt C, Pence M, Tyler R, Kruse S. Navigating the pandemic with faculty development: unification while working remotely. Can. Med. Ed. J [Internet]. 2022 Feb. 15 [cited 2024 Jun. 17];13(3):107-8. Available from:



Special Issue on Change in Medical Education