Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Global Medical Student Partnership program in undergraduate medical education

  • Hannah Samuels University of Toronto
  • Vanessa Rojas-Luengas University of Toronto
  • Arman Zereshkian University of Toronto
  • Shirley Deng University of Toronto
  • Jenna Moodie University of Toronto
  • Paula Veinot
  • Ashna Bowry University of Toronto; Unity Health Toronto;
  • Marcus Law University of Toronto


Background: The Global Medical Student Partnership (GMSP) is, a medical student-led international initiative to promote accessible Global Health learning. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the GMSP program in meeting its learning objectives.

Methods: Canadian and international medical student pairs met online monthly (January-May 2018) to discuss global health-related medical cases. Students then reviewed cases with local GMSP peers and faculty experts. A mixed-methods study was performed to evaluate whether the objectives of the program had been achieved. 26 of 32 (81.3%) students completed a questionnaire, and 13 (40.6%) also participated in one-on-one semi-structured interviews. Descriptive statistics and thematic analysis were used to analyze students’ perspectives on skill development through GMSP.

Results: GMSP students agreed or strongly agreed that international collaboration and communication skills were more important to them following program participation (92.3%, 92.3% respectively). Many expressed that after GMSP, they knew more about their healthcare system, practices abroad and how to solve complex health issues (92.3%, 84.6%, 61.5% respectively). Qualitative data showed GMSP improved students’ communication and presentation skills, provided a foundation for international relationships, fostered appraisal of diverse health systems, and furthered students’ understanding of health advocacy.

Conclusions: Our findings demonstrate that GMSP met its original objectives by providing students with opportunities to engage in international collaborations and to further develop their skills in advocacy, communication, and health-systems research. This program may be an important addition to medical education as it makes use of technology and peer-to-peer exchange to enable global health learning.

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Samuels, H., Rojas-Luengas, V., Zereshkian, A., Deng, S., Moodie, J., Veinot, P., Bowry, A., & Law, M. (2020). Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Global Medical Student Partnership program in undergraduate medical education. Canadian Medical Education Journal, 11(6), e90-e98. https://doi.org/10.36834/cmej.69339
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