A special message from TLI


Dear TLI reviewers, authors, and readers, 
In the Editors’ Introduction to the issue released just 10 days ago, Katarina Mårtensson and I wrote:

As we put TLI issue 8.1 into the very final stages of production, the Coronavirus COVID-19 has officially become a global pandemic, and the uncertainty of the days and months to come is palpable. Our editorial team considered delaying publication, since celebrating seems inappropriate right now.  After some deliberation, though, we decided to move forward in order to honor the work of the authors, reviewers, editorial assistant, copyeditor, and others, and to provide some sense of continuity amid the tsunami of changes we all face right now.  

Our editorial team wants to share some assurances.  We have two goals right now:

  1. to keep the processes of the journal going, but at a more forgiving pace for everyone for the next few weeks, and
  2. to make sure we don’t make anyone feel burdened. We know that people are responding to the current circumstances in a variety of ways, so please know the following:
  • Current reviewers:  if you need more time to review, or if you can’t even think about completing it, simply let us know.  We absolutely understand, and will either give you more time or find another reviewer—whichever you wish.  We really do understand.
  • Potential reviewers:  if you would welcome the work of reviewing right now, please let us know, and thank you.
  • Authors under review:  we ask for your patience, as the review process may take a little longer than usual, depending on the above.
  • Potential authors: if you’re considering submitting to TLI, we welcome your submissions right now.
  • Readers:  issue 8.1 was just released, and you’ll see the next one in September.   

Like you, we are also academics and are feeling the same spectrum of emotions, both professional and personal. Please do what feels right for you, and take care.

Very sincerely,
Your colleagues & friends at Teaching & Learning Inquiry
(Co-Editors Nancy Chick & Katarina Mårtensson, and Associate Editors Kelly Schrum, Stephen Bloch-Schulman, & Lucy Mercer-Mapstone)