Gary Poole Distinguished Reviewer Award

A thoughtful, rigorous, and developmental peer review process is essential to the mission and practices of Teaching & Learning Inquiry. This process ensures that we learn from each other, hold each other to the highest standards, and contribute to the growth of the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

Beginning in 2021, Teaching & Learning Inquiry will celebrate the generosity, expertise, insight, and labour of its reviewers by granting an award that recognizes reviewing excellence over the previous three years. To honor Gary Poole,* one of the two founding co-editors and a person of great integrity and good humor, who is careful and kind and incisive, we name it after him. We thus introduce the Gary Poole Distinguished Reviewer Award.

The award will be presented annually at the meeting of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Awardees will receive a certificate and will be featured on the TLI website, the ISSOTL blog, and in a future issue of TLI.


In keeping with TLI’s mission, vision, and ethos as the journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, nominated reviewers will be assessed according to the criteria below, applied to all reviews requested and undertaken over the prior three years, regardless of the final outcome of the reviewed articles:

Review content
  • substantive feedback that reflects TLI’s mission, scope, and review criteria and provides helpful ideas for moving the submission forward
Review style
  • clear writing, constructive tone 
Responsiveness of reviewer
  • timely, reliable responses to invitations to review and completion of reviews

The selection committee will be made up of the Editorial Team members and two others that they select who have an excellent knowledge of TLI and of the reviewing process. One Editorial Team member will act as chair of the committee.


Nominations may come from authors and from the Editorial Team. Each nominating letter will indicate, in two or three sentences, why the nominee should be considered for the award. Authors should indicate the specific article and review (e.g., review round and reviewer number, a passage from the review) that led to the nomination, enabling the committee chair to find the relevant review and all others requested and undertaken by this reviewer over the prior three years.

Each year, nomination letters are due by May 1, and should be sent to the TLI Editorial Office (  
The award will be announced at the ISSOTL-conference in October. 

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, members of the TLI Editorial Team, the ISSOTL Publication Committee, and the ISSOTL Board cannot be nominated for this award. Additionally, committee members may not vote in considering anyone with whom they have a close relationship.


*  Gary Poole is Professor Emeritus at University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health.  For 10 years, Gary was the director of UBC’s Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth and the founding Director of the UBC Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  He is a past-president of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. He has received career achievement awards from both societies. Gary is currently a senior scholar in UBC’s Centre for Health Education Scholarship.  With Nancy Chick, he was founding co-editor of TLI until he stepped off on July 1, 2019, to enjoy retirement more fully.

** In subsequent years, the call for nominations will be distributed in February, with nominations due by May 1, and the announcement of the award will occur at the annual ISSOTL conference in October.