Completing the research cycle: A framework for promoting dissemination of undergraduate research and inquiry


  • Rachel Spronken-Smith University of Otago
  • Jason Brodeur McMaster University
  • Tara Kajaks McMaster University
  • Martin Luck University of zNottingham
  • Paula Myatt University of Queensland
  • An Verburgh University of Leuven
  • Helen Walkington Oxford Brookes University
  • Brad Wuetherick Dalhousie University



communication, dissemination, undergraduate research, inquiry, research skills


With the rise of undergraduate research and inquiry (UGRI) in higher education, it is important to provide students with opportunities to disseminate their research. This completes the research cycle and builds key communication skills. In this article we develop a framework for the dissemination of UGRI, linking exposure to the development of student autonomy. We illustrate the framework with case studies ranging from dissemination activities within the curriculum, such as poster presentations and journal clubs, through to UGRI journals, conferences and product launches. Finally we consider how institutions can promote and support the dissemination of UGRI. To avoid reliance on individuals, institutions should invest in appropriate infrastructure, such as an undergraduate research office, to ensure long-term support for UGR I and the promotion of dissemination activities.


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Author Biographies

Rachel Spronken-Smith, University of Otago

Rachel Spronken-Smith is Professor of Higher Education and Geography and Dean of the Graduate Research School at the University of Otago, NZ.

Jason Brodeur, McMaster University

Jason Brodeur is Sessional Lecturer and PhD candidate in Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University, Ca.

Tara Kajaks, McMaster University

Tara Kajaks is a PhD candidate in Kinesiology, studying occupational biomechanics at McMaster University, Ca.

Martin Luck, University of zNottingham

Martin Luck is Associate Professor of Animal Science and Academic Teaching Advisor at the University of Nottingham, UK, and is a U.K. National Teaching Fellow.

Paula Myatt, University of Queensland

Paula Myatt is Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, researching undergraduate research experiences and working as an educational developer at the University of Queensland, Au.

An Verburgh, University of Leuven

An Verburgh is a PhD candidate in Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Leuven, Be.

Helen Walkington, Oxford Brookes University

Helen Walkington is Principal Lecturer in Geography at Oxford Brookes University, UK, a UK National Teaching Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Brad Wuetherick, Dalhousie University

Brad Wuetherick is the Executive Director, Centre for Learning and Teaching at Dalhousie University, Ca.


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