The People vs Megan Thee Stallion

Anti-fandom, Spreadable Misogynoir, and Faux Fandom


  • Oluwademilade Odusola University of Calgary



misogynoir, Megan Thee Stallion, anti-fandom, spreadable misogyny


This essay explores the online response to hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion and the shooting incident involving her and fellow rapper Tory Lanez. In this essay, the theories of spreadable misogyny, by Suzanne Scott, and anti-fandom, by Jonathan Gray, are employed to examine the ways in which Stallion's anti-fans engaged in spreadable misogynoir towards her, particularly in the aftermath of the shooting. The essay analyzes the dynamics of online fandom, the reframing of Stallion as a culprit rather than a victim, and the erasure of her identity as a Black woman. It discusses the ways in which memes, and commentary on the situation by fans, anti-fans, and other celebrities were used to minimize the Stallion-Lanez shooting and the effect that had on Stallion, other Black female celebrities and other Black women. The essay also highlights the complex position Black women are placed in when seeking justice for themselves. Furthermore, it investigates the emergence of a faux fandom for Lanez built on demonizing Stallion. Through an examination of social media reactions, memes, and public discourse, this essay highlights the pervasive misogynoir faced by Stallion and Black women in and outside the music industry and the challenges they encounter in asserting their autonomy and seeking justice for the harm done to them by their male counterparts.


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