The politics of Black hair


  • Glory Okeleke University of Calgary




voice, representation, Black women, feminist media, Black femininity, Black hair, Eurocentrism


EN-LIGHTEN-ED: The politics of Black hair is a blog post that spotlights issues which primarily affect women in their daily lives with a focus on creating awareness and encouraging fellow young girls like myself, with a platform to use their voices.

For the final media project of my COMS 479 Feminist Media Studies class, I precisely administered the blog post to engage in a conversation on the politics of Black women’s hair. Through the medium of my blog, I was opportune to implore a fundamental principle of Feminist Media Studies, that of Representation, with a concentration on the representations of otherness – which in this case were Black women. This blog post took a critical standpoint to dissect and disintegrate the negative portrayals of Black femininity that have slowly become internalized by a majority of society. The topic of hair is downrightly a focus when femininity is the subject of discussion. On this account, and with aid of my media piece, I was then able to propose burdening questions and seek answers as to why Black women were steadily weighed down with the expectancy to live up to the standards of Eurocentrism through the manner in which they decide to wear their hair in.

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