JISD Call for Papers: Special Issue on Love






For Indigenous communities across the globe, love is conceptualized, enacted, and practiced in countless ways – and extends beyond western notions of love to include countless ways stemming from the many understandings of creation and our origin stories. It is offered in ways that grow identity and spirit, heal ancestral trauma, bring existential meaning, and inspire efforts in reconciliation. Love is essential to every program and policy created to address ongoing racial strife and division, the welfare and care of children and elders, and in resolving the deepening crises we face. 


Without a love that fuels and sustains connection and passion for change, noble efforts are bound to end in futility. Love is a boundless essence that must be intrinsically and mindfully rooted in our work, in our use of resources, and in how we honor and strengthen relationships.  


The JISD Editorial Board has identified “love” as a Special Issue topic to understand its divergences and how Indigenous love can be grown and intentionally applied to improve the human condition.  


We welcome submissions on, though not limited to:


- Love for and from land, nature, ancestors, children

- Indigenous love and expressions through language, gesture, and metaphor 

- Love and the generations

- Wholistic love

- Love and activism

- Love as wellbeing

- Role of love in decolonization

- Love and policy development and program design

- Love and leadership

- Ceremonies and spiritualities symbolizing love 

- Dynamics of love and restoration of loving relationships

- Love and identity, self-love

- Absence of love and implications  

- Love beyond traditional western binary notions 

- Love, sex, power, and exclusion


For this special issue, we also seek creative contributions such as poetry, visual art, essays, stories, and interviews. Submissions are due by January 31, 2023. Please submit to:

For inquiries, please email:

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