In partnership with the World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference this is an invite for submissions for articles, poems and artwork to be considered for this life promotion/suicide prevention issue.
The overall theme is Strengths in our Communities.
We are seeking articles which would connect with:
Data & Policy
Creative Expression through Arts
Lived Experience
Intergenerational Connections
Community Collaborations with /without External Partners

Some suggested topics may include:

  • Indigenous knowledge and practices utilized in suicide prevention, intervention and post-vention.
  • Indigenous practices vital to life promotion and risk reduction, such as family conferencing, reconciliation, healing, spirituality, community education or other traditional ways of understanding and addressing suicide.
  • Understanding dynamics of suicide within the context of Indigenous peoples’ ongoing systemic oppression and historic geopolitical trauma, and ways of restoring Indigenous peoples’ wellbeing.   
  • Identifying and developing protective factors in suicide prevention, in the areas of individual, family, community and society, such as Indigenous identity, resilience, self-determination and agency over land, education, governance, health and other culturally determined priorities.
  • Evaluating the impact of life promotion, suicide prevention and intervention practices with Indigenous research methods and mixed methods. 
  • Re-affirming Indigenous cultural identity utilizing language and activities in/on the lands and waters of specific tribal nations that strengthen positive cultural and individual identity and relationships. 
Submissions to the journal must reflect the intent of the journal to support the push back on colonialism and the centering of Indigenous philosophies, values, perspectives, and practices for Indigenous peoples.
For more information on artwork and poetry submissions, please email This email is the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, MB., Canada, the host organization for the WISP Conference
Deadline for consideration May 1, 2021.

All interested authors must consult the guidelines for submission.

Submission Guidelines