Impact of accreditation on Caribbean medical schools’ processes


  • Sateesh Babu Arja Avalon University School of Medicine
  • Sireesha Bala Arja Avalon University School of Medicine
  • Samir Fatteh Avalon University School of Medicine
  • Krishna Teja Challa Avalon University School of Medicine
  • Manoj Kumar Reddy Somagutta Avalon University School of Medicine
  • Danielle Blouin Queen’s University



Background: Caribbean graduates contribute significantly to the US healthcare workforce. The accreditation requirements of local governments vary from one Caribbean island to another island. The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) requirement that all future applicants be graduates from accredited medical schools drove Caribbean medical schools to seek accreditation. Accreditation has been found to significantly impact the educational processes of Canadian medical schools. Our study aims at investigating Caribbean medical school leaders’ perceptions of the impact of accreditation on their school’s processes.

Methods: This qualitative study and data analysis were done using a framework analysis. Academic leaders and faculty members from three different types of Caribbean medical schools (accredited, denied-accreditation schools, never applied for accreditation) were interviewed using semi-structured interviews.

Results: A total of 12 participants from six different Caribbean medical schools participated in the interview process. Themes of processes influenced by accreditation at Caribbean medical schools were similar to those found in the Canadian context and align with best practices of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

Conclusions: Caribbean medical schools are changing their educational processes as a result of accreditation requirements. Some processes are not maintained in a continuous manner, raising questions about the development of a true CQI culture.



2021-06-04 — Updated on 2021-09-15


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Arja SB, Arja SB, Fatteh S, Challa KT, Somagutta MKR, Blouin D. Impact of accreditation on Caribbean medical schools’ processes. Can. Med. Ed. J [Internet]. 2021Sep.15 [cited 2021Oct.23];12(4):79-88. Available from:



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