SoTL in Human Movement Sciences: Moving Forward in South Africa




Community of practice, Human Movement Science, Participatory Action Learning and Action Research (PALAR), South Africa


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is an emerging focus within South Africa (SA). In Human Movement Sciences (HMS) in SA, research is primarily discipline-specific, and many researchers are unfamiliar with SoTL. To explore how we (as HMS lecturers) could integrate SoTL into our research, we formed a community of practice (CoP). The SoTL unicycle depiction of Swart et al. (2016) suited our visual analogy since the focus of HMS is on the human body that is in motion. For us, the unicycle represented HMS SoTL in motion. Swart et al. (2016) viewed the SoTL movement as an academic’s individual journey, whereas we saw SoTL from a CoP perspective. Therefore, we adapted the unicycle into a tandem bicycle, representing our collaborative engagements. Participatory action learning and action research (PALAR) formed our theoretical framework. Through our dialogue, each tandem wheel’s focus emerged. The back wheel was about deciding to SoTL (or not). This became a linchpin of our critical dialogue during the relationship-building phase of our CoP. Once we committed, we needed to learn how to keep our CoP moving forward. This became the middle wheel of our tandem bicycle. Next, the front wheel and handlebar became our guide into what the future of SoTL would be for us. The tandem bicycle, therefore, represents our collective cycles of learning as we became SoTL researchers. We believe our learning can support others transitioning from discipline-specific research to engaging in SoTL.


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Author Biographies

Cornelia M. Schreck, North West University

Cornelia M. Schreck is a lecturer in the School of Human Movement Sciences at North-West University (ZAR). Her work focuses on the improvement of student employability and the development of SoTL in South Africa.

Alretha du Plessis, North West University

Alretha du Plessis is a lecturer in the School of Human Movement Science at North-West University (ZAR). Her research focuses on motor proficiency and physical activity in the field of paediatric exercise science as well as being part of a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Community of Practice to conduct SoTL research.

Dané Coetzee, North West University

Dané Coetzee is a full professor in the School of Human Movement Sciences at North-West University (ZAR). She leads the kinderkinetics program, guiding undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students while conducting workshops for educators and coaches. Her research and work focus on early childhood development, motor skills, physical activity, ADHD, and the impact of motor delays on academic skills.

Christo Bisschoff, North West University

Christo A. Bisschoff is currently employed as a lecturer at the School for Human Movement Sciences at the North-West University (ZAR). He is a sports scientist as well. His work mainly revolves around teaching sports and exercise physiology. His current area of interest is exploring students’ paths after graduating with their degrees.

Jacobus Oosthuizen, North West University

Jacobus J. Oosthuizen is a lecturer in the School of Human Movement Sciences at North-West University (ZAR). His work focuses on improving teaching and learning practices through Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research and field-specific research with a focus on sports performance.

Samantha Kahts-Kramer, North West University

Samantha A. Kahts-Kramer serves as a lecturer at North-West University (ZAR). Her current work projects are centred on cultivating the next generation of professionals in coaching sciences, emphasizing value-based education and sports injury prevention. Additionally, she is dedicated to the development of biokineticists, with a special focus on preparing them for entrepreneurial ventures in real-world contexts.


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