Canadian Undergraduates' Reports of Co-curricular Involvement Across the Degree

  • Tanya Martini Brock University
  • Ryan Verby-Verutis
  • Jill Grose Brock University
  • Brad Clarke Brock University
  • Amy Elder Brock University
Keywords: Co-curricular, Undergraduates, Experiential, Career Preparation, Transferrable Skills


The present study investigated university student beliefs and behaviours with respect to co-curricular activities among incoming (n=983), mid-degree (n=173), and graduating (n=1006) students. When asked about their most significant learning experiences during their time at university, graduating students were more likely to report on co-curricular activities than those related to coursework. However, participation in co-curricular activities was not related to graduating students’ feelings of preparedness to undertake a job search or apply for post-graduate education. Incoming students reported clear intentions to participate in some types of co-curricular activities (e.g.,  volunteering, intramural sports, clubs) but were more uncertain about others (e.g.,  events or activities related to global awareness, or diversity and inclusion). Parallel findings were observed with respect to actual co-curricular involvement among mid-degree and graduating students. This research is discussed in the context of university efforts to promote co-curricular activities to students in order to develop career ready transferrable skills, and the relevance of particular patterns of involvement to the current job market.


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Martini, T., Verby-Verutis, R., Grose, J., Clarke, B., & Elder, A. (2019). Canadian Undergraduates’ Reports of Co-curricular Involvement Across the Degree. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 7(1), 103-119.