Innovative Certificate Programs in University Teaching and Learning: Experiential Learning for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars


  • Lorelli Nowell
  • Kimberley A. Grant
  • Carol Berenson
  • Patti Dyjur
  • Cheryl Jeffs
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Natasha Kenny
  • Kiara Mikita


In response to a growing need for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to strengthen their teaching and learning skills, our university recently established innovative certificate programs that purposively incorporate experiential learning opportunities for deeper growth and development. Drawing on prior research and local needs assessments, we developed programs aimed to meet the identified needs of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. In this paper we describe how we planned, developed, and implemented these new certificate programs to engage graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from across our institution. Further, we discuss how these programs provide experiential learning opportunities for all participants.






Curriculum Development and Mapping: Experiential Learning Considerations