Canadian Higher Education Internationalization: Experiences of Chinese Students


  • Xiaobin Li Brock University
  • Tony Dipetta Brock University
  • Peter deVires Brock University



The purpose of this study was to understand
the experiences of international students in a master’s
program. We collected data from students through a
questionnaire, which asked the following and other
questions: Why did they leave their own country? Were
they interested in becoming permanent residents of Canada
upon graduation? The questionnaire also asked students to
indicate whether they agreed with 26 positive statements
about the program. In addition, students were invited to
make comments about the program’s strengths and
weaknesses. Most students believed that they had a
positive experience of undertaking graduate studies in
Canada, but they also made suggestions for improvement.
Based on the data, we make recommendations on how to
improve the program. We also discuss the process, extent,
and benefits of Canadian higher education
internationalization and challenges it faces.