The Arts and Teacher Self-Care


  • Brittany Krauss University of Saskatchewan
  • Kendelle Marr
  • Shay Southern
  • Jennifer Nicol


The importance of creativity and the arts in education is receiving attention around the world (Shaheen, 2010). At the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Education, 25 undergraduate students used inquiry learning (“a self-directed, question-driven search for understanding” Hudspith & Jenkins, 2001, p. 9) to investigate this topic. Five group inquiries were undertaken as part of EPSE 411, Using the Arts in Educatian, Teaching, and Learning. Topics included (a) Arts and Inclusion; (b) Arts and Teacher Self Care; (c) Arts Across the Lifespan; (d) Dance, Student Learning, and Student Wellbeing; and (e) Drama and Belonging. Five posters have been created that identify key inquiry questions, sub-questions, and their significance; information sources accessed and analyzed (including community learning experiences); and implications for educators. These valuable explorations help advance understanding, practice, and scholarship.