Conditions d’efficacité et facteurs d’influence du développement professionnel continu du personnel enseignant du primaire et du secondaire : une recension des écrits


  • Marie-Pier Duchaine Université Laval
  • Nancy Gaudreau


Considering that studies on teaching effectiveness have shown that the teacher effect is the most powerful lever on which the school system can rely to promote students' educational success, continuing professional development proves to be an avenue to be favored to support elementary and secondary teachers in implementing effective interventions with all students. Indeed, in addition to having a positive effect on teachers' sense of self-efficacy and job satisfaction, continuing professional development would be associated with the adoption of better practices towards students and an improvement in their academic performance. In this sense, the aim of this article is to present a literature review on the conditions for effectiveness and the factors influencing teachers' continuing professional development.





Literature Review/Revue de la documentation