Andre Bagoo. The Undiscovered Country


  • Jarula Wegner Goethe University Frankfurt


Caribbean Literatures and Cultures, Trinidad and Tobago, Art and Cultural Criticism, Queer Autobiographies


This is a review of Andre Bagoo's essay collection The Undiscovered Country. The collction won the OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean non-fiction in the year 2021. Bagoo writes about Trinidad and Tobago’s politics and culture, including doubles, soca, and board games, Caribbean writers like V. S. Naipaul, Derek Walcott, and Ishion Hutchinson, as well as Anglophone poets, such as, Dylan Thomas, Thom Gunn, and Langston Hughes among others. He intervenes in a wide array of themes, addressing race, gender, nation, disability, colonisation, as well as sexuality, and how these affect the author’s physical body. In this way, the essays are not just experiments—the Old French meaning of essai—but also experiments in talking about the self.

Author Biography

Jarula Wegner, Goethe University Frankfurt

Jarula M. I. Wegner is a Hundred Talents Young Professor at the School of International Studies at Zhejiang University, China. His work has been published in journals such as Caribbean Quarterly, Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Memory Studies, and Wasafiri. His interests include theories and debates concerning Caribbean literatures and cultures, autobiography, cultural memory, transculturality, postcoloniality, carnival, gender, and critical theory.