Orienteering Made Simple: An Instructional Handbook. (2004) by Nancy Kelly

  • Shezan Muhammedi The University of Western Ontario

Author Biography

Shezan Muhammedi, The University of Western Ontario

Shezan Muhammedi is a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Ontario in History and Migration and Ethnic Relations. His research focuses on the resettlement of Ugandan Asian refugees in Canada and his dissertation is titled Gifts From Amin: The Resettlement, Integration, and Identities of Ugandan Asians Refugees in Canada, 1972-2012. Other research interests include Canadian immigration and refugee history, digital history, immigrant and refugee integration and settlement, and identity studies. He is currently volunteering on the London Sub-council for Integration and Civic Engagement, the London Cross Cultural Learner’s Centre, and the I am London campaign.