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Starting with Volume 57 (Spring 2011), AJER will be published in online format only.  All issues before that were published in print format and back issues are available only as article .PDFs. We no longer have print issues available.

The following is a list of past AJER special theme issues.  

Vol. 12(3), September 1966: Models in Research and Theory

Vol. 13(3), September 1967: Piaget: Replications and Critiques

Vol. 17(4), December 1971: Research and Development in Education: The HRRC Experience

Vol. 34(3), September 1988 Adult Education in International Perspective

Vol. 37(1), March 1991: Assessment in the Classroom

Vol. 37(4), December 1991: 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Education

Vol. 39(1), March 1993: Francophone Research in Quebec

Vol. 39(2), June 1993: The Educational Quality Indicators Initiative

Vol. 41(3), September 1995: Canadian Perspectives on The Bell Curve

Vol. 42(2), June 1996: Education and Development: Past Lessons, Present Crises, Future Possibilities

Vol. 42(3), September 1996: Secondary Schools and the Canadian Mosaic: The Exemplary Schools Project

Vol. 44(2), Summer 1998: Literacy in the 21st Century

Vol. 45(4), Winter 1999: Measurement and Evaluation: Current and Future Research Directions for the New Millennium

Vol. 46(1), Spring 2000: Globalization and Education: Exploring Pedagogical and Curricular Issues and Implications

Vol. 48(3), Fall 2002: Exemplars of Arts-Based Research Methodologies

Vol. 49(3), Fall 2003: Measurement for the Social Sciences: Classical Insights into Modern Approaches

Vol. 52(3), Fall 2006: Researching Children and Youth

Vol. 53(3), Fall 2007: Citizenship Education: Global Contexts

Vol. 55(3), Fall 2009: Expanding Knowledge Systems in Teacher Education

Vol. 56(3), Fall 2010: Blurring the Boundaries of Early Childhood Education's Theory/Practice Divide

Vol. 60(4), Winter 2014: Small Rural Schools

Vol. 61(4), Winter 2015: Inclusion and Education Rights of Roma Children

Vol. 64(2), Summer 2018: Adult Education and Post-Secondary Institutions

Vol. 64 (4), Winter 2018: The Impact of Neoliberalism on Teacher Education in Canada

Vol. 66(3), Fall 2020: Teacher Education and Teaching Special Issue #1

Vol. 67(1), Spring 2021: Teacher Education and Teaching Special Issue #2

Vol. 67(3), Fall 2021: North Coast Initiative for School Improvement


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