The Role of Mentorship in Internships




Undergraduate hospitality programs typically integrate a work-integrated learning (WIL) component such as a co-op placement, practicum, or internship. Mentorship is one practice in the workplace that offers opportunities to enhance both psycho-social and career development support. This qualitative study explores undergraduate hospitality management students' perceptions of the role of mentorship in their internship workplaces. Students' impressions of mentorship are described with a particular emphasis on the role of supervisors as mentors in the workplace, how the mentorship starts, the degree of formality for the mentorships, and key benefits and learning outcomes. The study sample was a purposefully selected group of six Bachelor of Arts students who had recently completed their internships and graduated from their degree program. The research employed a qualitative methodology with semi-structured interviews. To bridge this research to course development, this study includes the authors' critical reflections to support students, with the objective being to establish mentorship opportunities and maximize opportunities during their internships.






Transitioning from Student to Professional