Curious Conversations: Using Game-Based Learning to Develop Creative Culture within Technical Courses


  • Emily Marasco Schulich School of Engineering
  • Wilian Gatti Junior
  • Beaumie Kim
  • Laleh Behjat
  • Marjan Eggermont



Engineering Education, High Education, Teaching and Learning, Game-Based Learning


Engineering products and solutions have revolutionized daily living, resulting in longer and more productive activities. However, the continued development of electronic components will be hindered as their sizes are reaching quantum levels. Creative engineers are needed to find solutions to this problem so that innovation in technology can be sustained. In this paper, we suggest that technical engineering courses can support developing creative culture by using game-based learning. Specifically, engineering students can design their own games as a pedagogical approach to develop creativity, learn innovation, and increase their technical learning outcomes. We illustrate this suggestion using examples from senior electrical engineering technical content.