Using Mental Health and Wellness as a Framework for Course Design


  • Patricia Dyjur University of Calgary
  • Gabrielle Lindstrom
  • Nahum Arguera
  • Haboun Bair



mental health and wellness, course design, well-being


Mental health and wellness is a concern, not only for students, but for instructors in higher education as well. Course design can have a positive or negative impact on both student and instructor wellness, especially around stress and anxiety with assessments, workload, and due dates. Factors of course design such as policies and values, academic expectations, learning environment and learning experiences, student assessment, and reflection and resilience can play an important role in supporting wellness. In this paper we provide examples of how each factor can affect wellness, and offer questions that an instructor can consider when designing a course with wellness in mind. 

Author Biography

Patricia Dyjur, University of Calgary

Curriculum Development Specialist for the University of Calgary