• Michael Hart


On July 8th to 11th, 2013 the Second International Indigenous Voices in Social Work Conference was held in Winnipeg, Canada with 346 registered participants from

over 13 different territories in the world, 125 presentations, more than 70 volunteers, four organizing committees from the Faculty to international levels, 10 volunteer organizations/communities who provided site visits, and 19 individual, corporate, and government sponsors. The conference theme of Indigenous knowledges focused on three areas: resurgence, implementation, and collaboration. The presentations demonstrated the resurgence of Indigenous knowledges, how Indigenous knowledges have been implemented in social policies, social organizations, programs, practice, education, research, and social action, and the emerging collaboration between Indigenous Peoples, settlers, and social work.


Hart, M. A., & Rowe, G. (2014). Legally entrenched oppressions: The undercurrent of First Nations peoples’ experiences with Canada’s social welfare policies.

In H. N. Weaver (Ed.), Social issues in contemporary Native America (pp.23-41). Burlington, VT: Ashgate.