The Squirrel, Omelette, and the Truths: An Ethnographic Narrative Exploration of Philosophical Dialogue and Literacy with Young Learners


  • Mila Zhu Southeastern Oklahoma State University
  • Claude Duet Denison Independent School District



Abstract: This paper explores the innovative approach of engaging young learners in philosophical dialogue through creative storytelling. Employing an ethnographic narrative methodology, it examines storytelling sessions between the first author and her eight-year-old son, focusing on the emergent discussions about multifaceted truths inspired by the whimsical tale of “Omelette”, a fish that, according to the young storyteller, lays pre-cooked omelettes. By integrating narrative theory and elements of folklore and mythology, this paper reveals how such narratives can significantly enhance literacy and philosophical understanding in children. This research highlights the potential of storytelling as a dynamic educational tool, offering insights into the development of critical thinking and literacy skills.

Author Biographies

Mila Zhu, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Author and Affiliation
Dr. Mila Zhu Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Instruction and Leadership
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Claude Duet, Denison Independent School District

Author and Affiliation
Claude Duet
Intercultural Learning Specialist
Denison Independent School District