Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education: A Brave New World?


  • Jeffery P. Aper Millikin University



Abstract: Higher education leaders anticipate various ways in which Artificial Intelligence will be applied within their institutions. There can be substantial value in data analysis, supplemental applications for educational and developmental processes, and complex problem solving. Decision-makers must be mindful of problems that may arise from the implementation of hyper-rational management practices, extensive surveillance systems, and applications that could control and narrow the experience of students physically, emotionally, and intellectually. AI offers valuable tools but also significant risks. Institutional leaders face complex and highly consequential decisions about how such technology will be deployed and shape the ongoing evolution of colleges and universities.

Author Biography

Jeffery P. Aper, Millikin University

Author and Affiliation
Dr. Jeffery P. Aper
Emeritus Provost
Millikin University