“What, Then, Is Our Task?”



Abstract: This dialogic inquiry broaches something burgeoningsomething brand new and age-oldas we wonder about our tasks as critical scholars in the field of education. Increasingly, education seems awash in a tide of performing deep-feltness as sometimes over-wrought but maybe well-intended White scholars scramble toward Reconciliation. In conversation with each other, we wonder how honest and difficult conversations that surface more truth about our own ancestors could better prepare us to wade through what arises so that we can arrive at a place where reconciliation might be possible.

Author Biographies

David W. Jardine, University of Calgary

Author and Affiliation
Dr. David W. Jardine
Professor Emeritus
University of Calgary 

Ellyn Lyle, Yorkville University

Dr. Ellyn Lyle
Professor, Dean, Faculty of Education
Yorkville University