Declaring My Ontological and Epistemological Stance: A Reflective Paper


  • Benedict Kojo Otoo



Undertaking research requires a researcher to foreground their paradigm/worldview in the form of their ontological and epistemological stance. It is important to develop a deeper understanding of the assumptions underpinning a range of educational traditions and their relationships to educational research in general. A researcher may construct knowledge
socially as a result of his or her personal experiences in life within their natural settings. Qualitative research seeks to promote a deep understanding of a social setting or activity as viewed from
the perspectives of the researcher. This challenges the scientific-realist assumption that reality is out there to be discovered. It is unlikely that one will gather ‘depth’ and ‘insight’ via the statistics
that are frequently used in quantitative methods. This does not go to reduce quantitative research as another way of knowing. This reflective paper seeks to emphasize the importance of education and the nature of knowledge, as well as the central philosophical arguments that shape various paradigms of inquiry.