Alberta’s New Teaching Quality Standard and Its Implications for Teacher Education


  • Julia Rheaume University of Calgary
  • Brenda L. Spencer University of Calgary
  • J. Kent Donlevy University of Calgary
  • Dianne Gereluk University of Calgary
  • Jim Brandon University of Calgary



teacher education, teacher preparation, teaching quality, teaching competencies, standards of practice, education stakeholders, policy framework, policy analysis, Alberta


This article examines the implications of the new provincially mandated Teaching Quality Standard (TQS) for teacher education programs in Alberta, Canada. We review the current context of teacher education in Alberta and the policy background of the TQS. We then consider how the TQS might serve as an appropriate framework for teacher preparation programs and suggest, using Bell and Stevenson’s (2015) policy analytics, how the new TQS has emerged and may be enacted. We conclude that if the TQS is to serve as a framework for teacher preparation, increased collaboration is needed among those providing teacher preparation programs, and indeed among all education stakeholders, as is assurance of ongoing democratic processes for negotiating and reviewing the policy and its practices.