Helping Qatar Achieve its National Vision 2030: One Successful International Branch Campus


  • Kim Critchley
  • Mary Gene Saudelli



Higher education today is promoting internationalization efforts and the development of an International Branch Campus (IBC) is one manner of this internationalization effort. Little scholarly work has been published thus far that traces the history or development of an International Branch Campus (IBC). This paper shares the development of the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) from inception to today. Aspects of development of UCQ provided are insight to the priorities set by the leadership, faculty, staff and students at UCQ, and the progress that has been made in overcoming the barriers inherent in being an IBC to achieve these priorities. The priorities have been aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Eyes High vision for the UC, Canada and are believed to be the reason for the success of this IBC. Presented is a discussion focussed on: two worlds coming together, IBCs and known challenges, UCQ one successful IBC, and lessons learned. The authors include their recommendations which include support from home and host communities, recognition of structural and cultural boundaries, and community engagement.