“Light the Menorah Everywhere”: A Book Review of Dr. Jason Bell’s “Cracking the Nazi Code”


  • Dr. Carla Ginn University of Calgary




This is a book review of Dr. Jason Bell’s book, Cracking the Nazi Code, published by Harper Collins Publishers (2023). This review has been shaped by my perceptions of and reflections on current global events. Dr. Bell meticulously compiled 15 years of archival research surrounding the role of Winthrop Pickard Bell, or A12, using historical archives in Canada, Germany, and the UK. His book is invaluable for deepening historical understanding of Canada’s place in the second world war, and to deepen current understanding of the global rise in antisemitism.

Author Biography

Dr. Carla Ginn, University of Calgary

Dr. Carla Ginn is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary – She is not Indigenous, but her spouse, their children, and grandchildren are members of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA). Her research is participatory, patient-oriented, community-based, and mixed methods - focusing on individuals, families, and communities experiencing social and structural vulnerability. She is currently involved in collaborative partnerships with more than 30 community agencies in Calgary, facilitating harm reduction services and co-developing long-term solutions surrounding needle debris. She has engaged in collaborative research with Indigenous communities for 17 years, most recently, with the Métis Nation of Alberta – Region 3.