About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Manuscripts are invited that focus on the application of hermeneutics as guiding research inquiry into topics and issues connected to professional practice disciplines. Accounts of research, theoretical, philosophical, and conceptual discussions of practice related topics are encouraged.

Peer Review Process

Submissions will be reviewed by two reviewers in a double blind process. Reviewers will judge submissions based on the appropriateness of content for the mandate of the journal, the literary, academic quality and credibility, and the potential of contribution to scholarship and practice. Typical review time, once received by reviewers, is 4 weeks. Reviewers will be selected upon their practice areas of expertise and knowledge in interpretive work.  The journal adheres to ethical process and is not liable for malpractice if authors violate ethical, copyright, or plagarism practices.

Publication Frequency

The journal will publish articles, not in an issue format, but once they have been reviewed, accepted, and copy edited. They will be added to the current volume Table of Contents and referenced by year rather than issue.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. ISSN: 1927-4416


Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary

Sources of Support

Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary

Journal History

In 2009, the Canadian Hermeneutic Institute was established with its inaugural meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The intent of the institute was to bring together scholars of hermeneutics and hermeneutic research across disciplines in creative dialogue and conversations of philosophy, research, and practice. The first visiting scholar was Dr. David Jardine, Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Calgary. In 2010, the institute was hosted in Toronto with visiting scholar, Dr. John D. Caputo, Professor of Religion Emeritus at Syracuse University and the David R. Cook Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Villanova University. In 2011, Dr. Richard M. Kearney, Charles H. Seelig Chair of Philosophy at Boston College and visiting professor at University College Dublin, was the visiting scholar for the institute held in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Kearney initiated the idea for a journal that could showcase the work he heard from institute participants of bridging philosophy and practice.