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Dr. Graham McCaffrey, University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing

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Dr. Nancy J Moules, University of Calgary, Canada

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Dr. Kristi Sweet, Texas A&M University

Dr. Walter A Brogan, Villanova University, United States

Dr. Joan Margaret Humphries, University of Victoria, Canada

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Dr Lorraine Venturato, Faculty of Nursing, Australia

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Dr. Regina Bousso

Dr Shelley Raffin Bouchal

Dylan Moules, Ryerson University, Canada

Dr. David W Jardine, University of Calgary, Canada

Dr Kenneth J Doka, The College of New Rochelle New Rochelle, NY 10805

Dr. Hans Smits, University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. Nancy Johnston, Canada

Dr. Richard B Hovey, McGill University

Dr. Deborah McLeod, QEII Health Sciences Centre & Dalhousie University, Canada

Dr. Dianne M. Tapp, Faculty of Nursing University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. James C. Field, University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. James Herman Olthuis, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto, Canada

Dr. John D Caputo, United States

Dr Andrew Estefan, Faculty of Nursing University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. Richard M Kearney