Invited Editorial: Who Me? A Hermeneutic Dip into Impostor Phenomenon


  • Tracy King University of Calgary



Impostor phenomenon is faced by most people at some point in their lives. In this editorial a seasoned nurse and novice academic offers her interpretation of imposter phenomenon as experienced at different points in her life. The editorial navigates personal story, related literature, and hermeneutic interpretation on a topic that is relateable to most. 

Author Biography

Tracy King, University of Calgary

Tracy King is a PhD nursing student and registered nurse from northern Alberta. She grew up with dirt roads and rolling hills as the backdrop to her formative years. King's nursing career has included a wide variety of clinical practice settings including hospitals, children's camps, and detoxification services. King is a nursing instructor with Northwestern Polytechnic and her research interests include topics related to addiction, mental health, and compassion in health care. King's doctoral research project will be hermeneutic. She was the recipient of the Vogel Award in 2019 for exemplary service to the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta. King enjoys the lighter side of life with family, friends, and humour.