Gadamerian Hermeneutics with Intersectionality as an Analytical Lens




For decades, hermeneutics has been used as a qualitative research approach to enhance understanding of the experiences of individuals within a particular context. However, after reviewing the literature, it became evident that only a few published articles use intersectionality as an analytical lens along with Gadamerian hermeneutics. This article draws on examples from a 2021 study that explored experiences of LGBTQI+ migrants with healthcare providers. Utilizing the philosophical underpinnings of Gadamerian hermeneutics and the theoretical foundations of intersectionality, the confluences and the tensions between these two approaches is explored. Moreover, suggestions are provided for how intersectionality as an analytical lens can expand understandings and interpretations of research findings using Gadamerian hermeneutics.

Author Biographies

Roya Haghiri-Vijeh, Centennial College & University of Victoria

Roya Haghiri-Vijeh is a faculty of nursing at Centennial College and is an active member of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario’s Rainbow Nursing Interest Group. Roya is also a PhD nursing student, post candidacy, at the University of Victoria with a focus to enhance and advance the health and social care needs of 2SLGBTQI+ migrants.

Dr. Carol McDonald, Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing, University of Victoria

Dr. Carol McDonald is a Professor Emerita from the University of Victoria, School of Nursing, on the unceded territory of Lekwungen People. Her scholarship, underpinned by Gadamerian Hermeneutics, focused on underserved populations.