On Becoming What the Story Needs

  • Dennis Sumara University of Calgary




In this article, I use Derrida’s (1978) conceptualizing of différance to inform hermeneutic readings of my queer archive of deferrals. These readings show some of the complex ways remembered and forgotten experiences of learning, teaching, and schooling are inevitably shaped by heteronormativity. My interest in différance is informed and maintained by my active resistance to how the subjects needed by those stories can lose track of their deferrals in ways that can reposition the normative within the counternormative and vice versa. I conclude by discussing how creative re-storying can support acts of remembering, forgetting, and fictionalizing that can lead to hermeneutic insight.


queer, archive, subjectivity, story, difference, normative, hermeneutics, writing, teaching, reading


Author Biography

Dennis Sumara, University of Calgary

Dennis Sumara is Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the University of Calgary. His areas of research and teaching interests include literacy education, queer studies in education, curriculum theory and narrative hermeneutics.