Book Review: "The Responsibility to Understand: Hermeneutical Contours of Ethical Life" by Professor Theodore George


This paper is a book review of Professor Theodore George’s recent book, The Responsibility to Understand: Hermeneutical Contours of Ethical Life, published by Edinburgh University Press (2020). The review is directed towards not only the book itself but its applicability to applied hermeneutics and the ways that hermeneutic philosophy and hermeneutics research have been taken up in practice disciplines. Not written as a typical book review, this paper is more of a dialogue and conversation I had, and continue to have, with the book.

Author Biography

Nancy J Moules, University of Calgary

Nancy J Moules, RN, PhD is a Professor and the Associate Dean, Research in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary. She is the first author of the book Conducting Hermeneutic Research: From Philosophy to Practice and co-founder and Chair of the Canadian Hermeneutic Institute. She is founding editor of the Journal of Applied HermeneuticsProfessor Moules research focus is on grief, families, psychosocial pediatric oncology, and hermeneutics.