Offering a Concert for Two: An Interpretation of Friendship in Pediatric Oncology Palliative Care Nursing

  • Katie M. Webber University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing
Keywords: hermeneutics, pediatric oncology nursing, interpretive writing, pediatric palliative care, friendship, relational complexity


In this paper, written for a hermeneutic research course for my master's graduate work, I discuss how pediatric oncology nursing is an interpretive practice. I explore the subject of the relational complexity of pediatric oncology nursing, conceptualized as friendship. I discuss the similarities between understandings of hermeneutics and friendship. In the second part of the paper, I provide a narrative and interpretive account of a personal experience of friendship with a palliative patient and his mother, to offer understanding about the complexities of the work of pediatric oncology palliative care nursing. 


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