My Life Flashed Before My Eyes


  • Joan Margaret Humphries University of Victoria, Camosun College



Time, Hermeneutics, Nursing, Philosophy, Human Science, Metaphysics


The everyday experience of time can be disrupted by the events in our lives, and disquiet notions of predictability about the passage of time. In this work, I describe an alternate experience of time passing that occurred in the context of a car accident. The phrase "I saw my life flash before my eyes" situates the varietal experience of time in human existence, and invites the use of chosen hermeneutic tenets to explore the phenomena. I describe the mysterious personal experience of time associated with the accident, as well as varietal experiences of time that occur for people during hospitalization, relating to experiences of nursing practice. The  tension associated with the temptation to apply scientific explanations to metaphysical questions, and the inevitability of accepting ongoing wonder about the mysteries of time, are featured throughout.

Author Biography

Joan Margaret Humphries, University of Victoria, Camosun College

Joan Humphries RN PhD

Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria

Associate Chair, Nursing, Camosun College


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