Neonatal Transport Nursing is an Interpretive Practice

  • Jaime Leigh Caswell University of Calgary
  • Nancy J Moules
  • Graham McCaffrey
Keywords: hermeneutics, nursing, interpretive practice, neonatal nurse, transport, NICU


In this paper, we offer a personal account of a neonatal transport nurse (TRN) and the interpretive nature of the TRN’s work. Beginning at the start of a shift, the reader encounters the many ways in which the neonatal transport nurse interprets her surroundings, colleagues, patients, and circumstances, lending to how these factors are consciously and subconsciously engaged in the TRN’s practice throughout a day’s work.

Author Biography

Jaime Leigh Caswell, University of Calgary
First year Master of Nursing student at the University of Calgary. Neonatal nurse for 12 years, including 4 years as a neonatal transport nurse with the Southern Alberta Neonatal Transport Service in Calgary, AB.