The Case of the Disappearing/Appearing Slow Learner: An Interpretive Mystery. Part One: A Strange and Earnest Client


  • W. John Williamson University of Calgary



fiction, hermeneutics, mystery, slow learners, psychology, education


Max Hunter, a West Coast private detective, receives a call from John Williamson, a special education teacher / coordinator requesting his help to find the educational category of slow learners. He journeys to Calgary and visits Williamson in his school. After some discussion Max agrees to take the case. Max meets an informant with a surprising connection to the case, and finds some key clues, as well as peril, during a visit to the public library.

Author Biography

W. John Williamson, University of Calgary

PHD Interpretive studies in Education, University of Calgary. Diverse Learning Coordinating Teacher St. Anne Academic Centre.Alt+MAlt+N


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